Zone 2 Power Pack
Key Features

  • Complete Zone 2 ATEX rated DHPU complete with DNV 2.7-1 certified framework.

Engine Specification

  • Detroit Diesel 12V92TA 750bhp
  • Engine sub-frame complete with anti-vibration dampeners
  • PYROBAN exhaust gas cooling system
  • Hydraulic Fans, Air Compressor, Air Start
  • Radiator sized and DNV design approved airflow calculation to 50°c ambient
  • AMOT/Chalwyn Over Speed shutdown, Low Oil Pressure shutdown, Exhaust Gas Temperature shutdown, Coolant Temperature shutdown, Emergency Air shutdown

Hydraulic System Specification

  • VELJAN open loop vane system 3500psi max
  • VELJAN Relief Valve, Unloader Valve, Check Valve
  • DURST 4DP11 quad drive gear box (as per CEEM standard gear box)
  • 2ea 15gal accumulator bottles for BOP circuit
  • Accumulator, Power Tong, Spare hydraulic circuit can be run in isolated or combined circuit

Frame Specification

  • DNV 2.7-1 Split container design to fit inside 20ft ISO shipping container