In line with CEEM’s ‘at a glance’ inventory philosophy, our Tool Houses and Workshops offer simplified tool and asset storage. Fully insulated and outfitted with slide out carrier air conditioning units, the CEEM Tool House is the perfect choice for remote locations. Shipping is made easy as the standard ISO footprint is used for its robust 2.7mm corrugated design.

Standard Design Features

  • Recessed power cable box
  • Full length forklift pockets
  • Lockable doors and drawers
  • Removable rubber flooring

Flush mounted stainless steel light fixtures Also available is an optional two Axis Chain Block with extension arms allowing outside access. Manufactured in models ranging from 10’-40’, CEEM offers a wide variety of configurations for your specific needs. Slide out generators and air compressors allow you to open the doors and go straight to work. Offering these as turnkey workshops or fully customized to your required specifications, our design team is at your disposal to create your purpose-built container today.