The CEEM containerized double wall fuel tank is designed and manufactured to provide vented storage for diesel fuel. The unit consists of a primary containment tank housed within the secondary containment tank. The secondary tank can contain 110% of the primary tank’s nominal capacity preventing costly leaks while providing environmentally safe storage.

Key Features

  • Pump, tandem filters, discharge hose and nozzle are housed inside the unit preventing exposure to the natural elements
  • Primary & Secondary tanks each have four-point lifting pad eyes
  • Ability to remove primary tank with contents for inspection or cleaning
  • Fits perfectly in a standard ISO shipping container
  • Auxiliary fuel connection points
  • Man access hole, fuel gauge, vented filler cap located on top of primary tank
  • Optional cargo roller
  • Cargo rollers are height adjustable
  • Extending the roller lifts the fuel tank off the ground surface to enable rolling
  • Retracting the roller allows the fuel tank to sit directly on the ground surface preventing movement
  • Pneumatic pump with 1 inch – 100 ft long discharge hose and filling nozzle
  • Operating components sheltered from the natural elements
  • Removable primary tank
  • DNV 2.7-1 compliant lifting set
  • Auxiliary fuel connection points located on exterior of the unit
  • Slope roof design with rain drip edge