Key Features

  • Mechanical Diesel Engine with no electronic control systems
  • Mechanical shutdowns for high oil temperatures
  • Sound attenuated housing
  • Designed with maintenance and service access as a key factor with removable
  • panels/covers/doors
  • Oversized cooling system with direct drive hydraulic fans allowing radiators to be side mounted for easy cleaning
  • Full fluid containment to prevent spillage
  • DHPU system is connected to the HWU by way of quick couplers and hoses
  • Filtration of hydraulic oil is provided by return line filtration
  • The footprint and height of the DHPU container is sized fit into a standard 20ftr ISO shipping containers

Other features

  • screw fitting oil filler cap and dipstick
  • anti-static fan
  • air inlet shutdown valve
  • over speed protection for the engine
  • spark arrestors on an exhaust
  • air starter (no electrics)
  • no alternator
  • no battery
  • liquid cooled exhaust
  • an exhaust system is fully insulated
  • air intake system is stainless steel with no rubber connection
  • manually activated emergency shutdowns on exterior labeled for use