CEEM: New Distributor of Thermal Transfer Products TTP in Middle East and Northern Africa

CEEM recently reached an agreement with Thermal Transfer Products (TTP), an API Heat Transfer Company based in USA, to distribute its products across the Middle East and Northern Africa. TTP offers a complete portfolio of cataloged standard products including a broad range of fluid power (oil-water, oil-air, air-air) heat exchangers utilized in mobile and industrial applications.

In addition to the broad range of standard heat exchangers, TTP offers OE and end market customers in the Industrial and Mobile Fluid Power market custom engineered solutions. With full capability to offer both fluid cooled and air cooled technology, TTP products can be found in a wide range of applications globally such as:  Industrial Machinery, Agriculture, Material handling, Construction, Oil and Gas, Specialty Equipment and Turf Care.

With a track record of producing excellent quality of thermal products, TTP trusts CEEM to be its brand ambassador in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Together, both companies will strive to deliver high quality products in the market, to satisfactorily meet every client’s need.

For inquiries, you may contact CEEMFZE on +971 800 2336393 (toll free) or on email: info@ceemfze.ae | sales@ceemfze.ae.




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